Christmas Eve!! :)

Christmas Eve is another one of my favourite times of the year. Being inside the warm house you feel intense/ excited for the day combined of being together with your whole family on Christmas. Your mouth waters as you can smell the relaxing scent from the delicious chocolate chip cookies coming from the hot oven. The family sits around the huge wooden table, relaxed in the cozy and comfortable chairs. White shiny snow covers the ground and reflects all sorts of colorful lights from the fascinating decorations. The Christmas tree is decorated with glass stars, shiny balls, reindeers and an endless amount of tempting sugary treats just waiting to be eaten. As a kid, I remember staying up all night waiting to hear Santa Claus on the ceiling with his reindeers, to bring me my gifts. That was one of my best memories as a child. The amount of excitement I had in me was unbearable. I would fall asleep around 3 am and still get up at 6 am ready to run to my stockings. Now, in my house, the rule we had was to wait until 8:00 am to go to our stockings. My siblings and I used to wait from 6 am, to 8am at the top of the stairs ready to race down them the last second before 8am. All and all, Christmas eve fills me with loads of joy and I am definitely looking forward to enjoying my holidays with my family. – Fun Christmas Eve activity (Being creative making your own gingerbread house)ImageImage



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